I walked up to this 6 year old girl and told her Santa was fake and she believed it.
Oh my gosh, kids are so gullible.

I love how everyone is making these awesome tumblr text posts and I’m just sitting here on the sidelines watching

I found this in the teens read section today

Anonymous asked:
hi :) i feel like nothing, i am disappointing everyone. I think i have depression. but i cant tell anyone, so im trying to beat it by myself. its hard.

Tell an adult. someone who will listen like a parent or an adult. It’ll be tough but just do it.

Anonymous asked:
What do I do? I get bullied everyday! I don't even know how, but the they got my cell number and every fucking day they send me hate! I self harm all the time, and top of that I'm anorexic. The bullies either say I'm too fat, or I'm too skinny... I don't know what to do any more!!

Ignore them and when you go by them, smile at them. Kill them with KINDNESS! And/or say something like “you’re in my prayers”

Anonymous asked:
everyone says im beautiful but why dont i see it? when i look in the mirror i see a girl that no one notices or that has no beauty at all

there’s nothing wrong with how you look, its how you see is what you need to change <3